Full Range of Services

Music and Effects reception

Our experience, technical knowledge and passion for sound ensure the delivery of projects to an international standard.

Music and Effects is able to provide the full range of services to ensure a smooth audio post-production pathway for your project.

Our team have worked on every format of screen content and can explain technical audio details in lay-person terms. We work hard to make sure that creative teams enjoy the audio post production process and that is one of the reasons that our clients return to us over many years.

The audio services that we offer include:

• Location Recording

We are specialists in fully immersive location recording and have various systems available from Zaxcom & SoundDevices 4-track recorders through to 664 12-channel & Tascam 24-channel location systems. Our Location Recordists are experienced in recording on set, on location or in live theatre situations.


• Voice Recording

We record and edit Voice Over and ADR in our purpose-built floating Recording Studio. ADR recording is controlled natively by the Fairlight, providing onscreen text, sync beeps and streamers. We also offer Source Connect to allow clients to remotely connect to us over the internet and monitor the ADR session. 

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Full Range of Services


Dry hiring the recording studio is available on request.

The mixing desk in the studio offers a Fairlight system with 230 channels into 70 buses and is suitable for all recording and all TV mixing in HD.



• Our specialist audio post production services:

  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Dialogue and FX editing
  • Re-Recording Mixing


• We have an extensive Sound Library, with over 30,000 sound effects.

Many of our sound effects were recorded in 3D surround with our Soundfield mics


• Other services we offer:

  • File conversion
  • Audio Technical advice
  • Screenings in our cinema-sized theatre
  • Audio Facility Tours


If there is any aspect of audio that you want to discuss, whether it is an old technology or a brand new one, we are the people to talk to!